What is the difference between natural and organic cosmetics?

Market research shows that we, as consumers, are more and more inclined to use skincare products that are environmentally friendly and kind to our skin. We, therefore, favour cosmetics with natural or organically grown ingredients. Although this approach reflects a collective awareness of the need to respect the environment, it is still difficult to tell the difference between natural and organic cosmetics. Let us enlighten you!


What is a natural cosmetic?

A natural cosmetic is a product containing at least 95% natural products. In other words, substances that come directly from nature and are not produced in a laboratory. Informed consumers will note that the remaining 5% may be of synthetic origin with this definition in mind. However, the list of ingredients, known as the INCI, helps consumers make an informed choice to avoid cosmetics contaminated by harmful substances. That means that parabens, phthalates, and bisphenol, which are considered endocrine disruptors, are no longer included.

Why use natural cosmetics?

Concerned about our skin and the impact of cosmetics on the environment, consumers are turning to creams and lotions labelled “natural” or “organic”.


Because it’s healthier for us

When you apply a cream or lotion to your skin, the components immediately penetrate the skin and become trapped in the tissue or diluted in the bloodstream. If these raw materials are potentially harmful, you are risking your health daily during your beauty routine. Choosing natural cosmetics made with certified biocompatible ingredients will free you from these risks. Selecting natural cosmetics is, therefore, a choice for your health.

To reduce the impact on fauna and flora

Synthetic products can be harmful to us and the fauna and flora that come into contact with them. These products inevitably end up in wastewater and seep into the soil, so the impact on the ecosystem is inevitable. Choosing natural cosmetics reduces the risk of contamination and reduces the carbon footprint of both production and use.


Are organic cosmetics better than natural cosmetics?

Although wrongly used as synonyms, there is a difference between natural and organic products. An organic cosmetic is a product in which at least 95% of the natural ingredients are organically grown, without pesticides or chemical fertilisers and are not genetically modified.

Stricter than the “natural product” label, their effectiveness is just as comparable to that of “natural” products.