IMC- Welcome to Vietnamese Physicians’ Day

“A prideful career

The high moral physicians: saving people

Bring millions of smiles

Strong belief, dedicate all their lives”

On the occasion of Vietnamese Physician’s Day 62nd, to honor and be grateful to people who always work hard and dedicate in the pharmaceutical and medical sector of our country- the blouse soldiers in caring people’s health career. On Feb 27th, in Viet Tri, International Medical Consultants Company Limited (IMC) organized the special program to appreciate the official workers who were pharmacists, doctors in our company.


As a company participating in the medical field, especially in high-quality dietary supplements research and manufacture, IMC system is proud of having a brilliant team of pharmacists and doctors who are professional and high responsible. The team of pharmacists, doctors have been contributing and accomplishing the common mission and target of making the community healthier and richer by natural products which combine between essence traditional medicine and modern technology.

IMC Thong diep he thong 2018 5-2-02 (Copy)

As known, in recent years, the IMC team of pharmacists, doctors carried out many successful studies, including many ministerial projects. Every year, the company invested and accomplished many projects whose heads were the pharmacists and doctors.

Besides, the office workers in general and the pharmacists, doctors in specific applied many science and technology innovations to research and manufacture of heal care products, especially dietary supplements, which brought productivity and quality to our products.

On this occasion, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hoang- Chairman of the board enounced: “A word can’t express all our company’s gratitude to teachers, pharmacists working in IMC system. On this special day, the board of directors conveyed all over 150 pharmacists sincere gratitude and wish all health, success, happiness in the career as well as life”