IMC approaches and promotes cooperation with Japanese partners

IMC approaches and promotes cooperation with Japanese partners

Since 2020, IMC has been looking for distributors and importers to introduce IMC’s high quality products to fastidious markets such as Japan, Europe or Australia. Via multiple channels like Vietnam’s trade representatives in other countries, online or offline exhibitions, direct contact… IMD (International Market Development) Dept. has found and contact many potential partners.

IMC approaches the Japanese market

Japanese market is known as one of the most demanding destinations in the world. Towards this goal – IMD dept. has connected with AR Brown, a Japanese goods distributor both domestically and internationally such as Thailand and South East Asia, Vinahouse – a consulting and mutual-benefit business between Vietnam and Japan. Through in-person and online discussions, the partners all assessed that, with a deep-rooted national pride within Japanese culture, it would be very difficult for products manufactured in other countries to enter this market. For a chance to penetrate, it will be essential to find suitable OEMs and create product brands familiar to Japanese culture. The main ingredients can be produced in Vietnam and transferred to the OEM for processing and packaging according to strict Japanese standards. After that, the product can be labeled “Made in Japan” and is more easily sold and accepted by Japanese market.

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With the new direction, AR Brown realized they were not suitable to support IMC’s goal, so they introduced their own partner, HARUNA. HARUNA is an OEM specialized in producing beverages for big brands such as Coca Cola or Suntory and distributing them to convenience supermarket chains such as AEON, Big C, 7eleven… and has over 20 years of experience in OEM manufacturing for Japanese market and 3 factories and 6 production lines. In addition, HARUNA also researches and develops its own tea product lines based on green, black or oolong teas. Their products not only sell well in the country but are gradually dominating other Southeast Asian markets.

On June 30th, through a preliminary exchange via Video conference, HARUNA expressed interest in IMC’s Quantum and Green quantum, as they are suitable for HARUNA production lines and use quite fascinating components like Nano algae, Chlorophyll and Delta immune. Japan currently does not have similar products, so they have much higher probability of success. Both sides exchanged very openly about the categories as well as state policies for this type of product. In addition, HARUNA also shared that IMC’s desired Tokuho (premium supplement drink) category will take a long time (2-3 years) and quite high cost for clinical trials. After one hour of discussion, they suggest IMC to first register the product as a regular beverage. Once gained good reputation in the market, IMC can launch another product with strong therapeutic properties and register it in the Tokuho category as “premium” product. HARUNA also wishes to further the partnership with IMC, in which IMC will become one of its distributor in Vietnamese market through distribution channels such as supermarkets, e-commerce…

With the knowledge and experience gained from the meeting, IMC and HARUNA will continue to exchange via email and online meetings to evaluate the potential of products from both sides as well as the possibility of cooperation in production and distribution. Both sides expressed their confidence in the success of the cooperation in the coming time.

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