Lipstick trend Fall and Winter 2021

Lipstick trend Fall and Winter 2021

The smile is considered one of women’s. Sometimes we hurt others with just a fleeting smile. And there are many things to create a beautiful smile, be it a bright white charming teeth or a soft, rosy lips.

Why should you use lip balm every day?

As we can temporarily escape the fashionable lipstick with various vibrant colors, let’s try to return to our lips its natural softness to once again, feel comfortable while having to regularly use a mask during this epidemic.

The past long time of wearing mask daily has changed my habit from using color lipsticks to using lip balms. Now my lips feel much softer, fuller, and even look brighter as well.

In fact, long-term use of lipstick will dry our lips, causing more dead skin to appear and the lips to become discolored, either dark or pale instead of its natural pink.

I don’t know if people use lip balm, but most of time, lip balm has always been one of my inseparable objects for many years. I use lip balm all year round from winter to summer and I have also tried out many types of lip balm and finally chose the most suitable one for my lips.

What are the criteria of a good lip balm?

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The first and most important benefit of lip balms is to restore and retain the lips’ moisture. Because the skin on the lips is extremely delicate and sensitive, it is easy to lose moisture and cause peeling.

A good lip balm will contain safe, benign and natural ingredients that help restore the moisture balance of the skin of the lips.

There are many different types of lip balms on the market, but there are two main categories are:

Petroleum-based lip balm:

Often named: Mineral oil; Vaseline; Petroleum Jelly. Most lip balms lines contain varying amount of petroleum. While they make lips softer at first, these products only work to retain water on the surface. In the long run, the lips will become dry and chapped after the balm is gone.

Lip balm using natural ingredients:

Usually contain ingredients like: Shea butter; Coconut oil; Jojoba oil… they have a very good effect in moisturizing, making lips soft while rejuvenating and increasing its elasticity.

In addition, ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil or butter also work to improve lip pigmentation. Besides, some lip balm lines have added benign coloring ingredients to help lips get a natural rosy effect.

In addition to using lip balm daily, we should also pay attention to periodic exfoliation of the lips, incubating the lips with special treatment essences to always maintain a bright, soft and full lips.

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