Protocol 15 of the Government – Claim IMC’ vision in the quality assurance war

In 10 years – IMC system built consistently the GMP factories and compiled with the serious commands of Good Manufacture Practices Health supplement (GMP-HS). IMC system is also the first company having the factory which is certified GMP-HS standard in Vietnam by Vietnam Association of Functional Foods (VAFF) in 2011.

Throughout the operation the factory with GMP rules, IMC keep training the staff, investing in equipment, build the process and protocol system…aim to the produce dietary supplement lines with the best quality.


Protocol 15 of the government issued recently reclaims right course and long-term vision of IMC system in the quality assurance war.

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According to protocol 15 of the government, since 1/7/2019, all health supplement manufactures which are ineligible the Good Manufacture Practices standards (issued by the Health Department) will be not allowed to produce. This not only protects the equitable interest of dedicated manufacturers like IMC but also “purifies” the market and protects consumer benefits.

Previously, there weren’t any rule about manufacture standards for Health supplement manufactures in Viet Nam. Instead, we set general manufacture standards for all food manufactures.

There are only a few manufacturers who care about product quality and organizes the operation with “GMP system” (Good Manufacture Practices rules) on themselves. Imc, Hồng Bàng, Âu Cơ is a typical sample for this self-activity.

There aren’t any specific rules from officials, that can cause unfair conditions in manufacture, commercial enterprise, and effect to consumer benefits. Because a manufacturer who wants to comply GMP must invest a lot of money while many manufacturers just hire an apartment, a poor factory, buy some types of packaging equipment…and they can produce dietary supplements and issue products to the market, the consumer can’t distinguish them.

(According to incomplete record from the Health Department, there are about 4000 dietary supplements, health supplement facilities in our country. However, according to an estimation of the Health Department, there are only over 300 manufacturers who comply with GMP standards).

For these manufacturers, according to implementation schedule issued by Medical Department, if they don’t comply the GMP standards aren’t GMP certified after 1/7/2019, they won’t be allowed to produce.

GMP requests for health supplement manufacturers aren’t different from GMP request for drug manufacturers. The first request is about the physical facilities, from the factory, ventilation system to security system must be separated with infected environment…

The Second request is the human element, the owner of the enterprise or officer in charge of production of health supplement manufacturers certified GMP standards must have at least university degree in the professional fields that the manufacturer produce (many the owner of health supplement manufacturers lack medical and nutrition knowledge).

Another request is a rule about accounting system, we must control the input data strictly. Besides, the testing system must be qualified.