IMC is a researcher and manufacturer supplying dietary supplements research services

IMC is a researcher and manufacturer supplying dietary supplements research services

IMC supplies dietary supplement research services with the desire of co-operatively creating scientific works which having high practical value. Our services are:

  1. Investigate and transfer the technology in the field of dietary supplements.
  2. Manufacture dietary supplements.
  3. Provide other services: providing information, consulting, international cooperating, disseminating knowledge, training human resources in functional foods.

With the mission to bring dietary supplements of natural origin combined with modern technology for community, contributing to healthcare and supporting disease treatment, IMC is definitely a reliable partner and an optimal choice to co-operate for any organizations and individuals, who want to embark in the functional food industry, especially those who want to distribute finished dietary supplements or unique dietary ingredients in Vietnam and other countries over the world.

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Dietary supplements research capacity of IMC

IMC has an capacity to develop formulas for products, perform pharmaceutical research, analysis and design packaging  as well as register product and solve legal issue related to dietary supplement field;

IMC Specializes in our manufacture and services to improve quality through developing separate centers, more importantly, IMC has a modern and professional research infrastructure.

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In addition, IMC has cooperated with advanced research resource such as: leading experts in healthcare, leading scientific research  institutes in Vietnam and over the world such as Vietnam  Institute Functional foods (VIDS) , Alliance of Health Supplement Associations (AAHSA), Vietnam Association of functional foods (VAFF) …

IMC co-operates closely with relevant authorities and complies with legal regulations which is related to the field of research, production and trading of dietary supplements, such as Food Safety and Hygiene Department (Ministry of Health), Department of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology); Vietnam  Institute Functional foods (VIDS); Vietnam Association of functional foods (VAFF)…  At the same time, IMC actively supporting Harmonization of Food Standards in ASEAN.

IMC has specialized laboratories for ​​researching, manufacturing, pilot scale production with modern machinery and equipment with a team of skilled pharmacists and engineers.

At IMC, prime principals of our Quality Policy are applied rigorously at each step of research process, because we understand the importance of these values ​​to the community. With more than one hundred high quality dietary supplements that contribute to support treatment and prevention of different diseases; many of them are considered as “The First Choice” by healthcare experts and patients such as Hoang Thong Phong, Cot Thoai Vuong, Nga Phu Khang… along with exclusive dietary materials such as Delta – Immune or Immune – Gamma.

IMC has increasingly confirmed its leading position and prestige in consulting, researching, manufacturing, and developing high quality dietary supplements with Vietnamese brand name.


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