Things to know about nutritional powder research and production

Things to know about nutritional powder research and production

You have an idea and want to find a reputable and reliable nutritional powder manufacturer to cooperate in distribution but don’t know where to start? This article can help you find answers to your doubts and questions.

About nutritional powder

Nutritional powders are usually products researched and produced from plants. Medicinal herbs have good effects on human health. Accordingly, nutritional powder can be made from grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc which are healthy and provide a great source of energy.

From these materials, the manufacturer will proceed to make them into a powder form. This makes the product very convenient and easy to use. And can help consumers absorb nutrients and minerals in food more easily.

Nutritional powders often have simple and convenient packaging to provide the user many ways to use the product. For example, as a nutritional product for young children, as addition to daily recipes (eg cakes, drinks) … to supplement nutrients for the body.


Producing nutritional powder on-demand

Just like nutritional food products and other functional foods, the production process of nutritional powder also needs to go through the following stages:

– Brainstorm & research formulas.

– Test raw materials

– Prepare ingredients into powder form.

– Pack and box products

– Test finished product samples.

– Move product into warehouse, store sample,… and distribute.

IMC bột ngũ cốc ăn kiêng

In general, the powder is a dry and fine mixture, prepared from one or more active ingredients or herbal extracts, ground and mixed to a homogeneous mixture with a fixed ratio.

The advantage of nutritional powders is that it’s a simple technique. It’s also easy to pack, easy to transport as powder is not as reactive than liquid. Therefore, manufacturers can combine many different types of active ingredients in the same formula.

What to note about nutritional powder production?

The production of raw materials into powder form is not affected by temperature, humidity, compression … Therefore, the finished product can be preserved for a long time. The nutritional powder production specification is also suitable for substances that are easily hydrolyzed, oxidized or degraded during production.

Due to large contact area, resitance to compression, it’s easy for active ingredients on nutritional powder product to dissolve & release, resulting in a high bioavailability. However, the large contact area is also the product’s biggest drawback since they are just as easy to absorb moisture.

To compensate for this shortcoming, manufacturers need to pay attention to moisture-resistant packaging to increase the “lifetime” of the product. If some active ingredients are sensitive, manufacturers even need vacuum packaging to minimize the exposure of the active substance to air and vapor.

IMC sản xuất bột ngũ cốc

IMC group – Trustworthy address to manufacture nutritional powder

As a pioneer factory in health care products derived from nature. Combined with modern technology, the IMC system provides research services. Producing healthy nutritional powders.

Some nutritional powders have been researched and produced at the IMC factory to ensure 100% organic products. There are additional micronutrients or precious medicinal herbs.

Above all, with many years of experience, modern technological lines. The research and production team is methodical and ensures a closed GMP process, the IMC system can receive the service of research and formulation, production and processing of nutritional powders on request, ensuring exclusivity, ensuring Ensure legal elements, provide registration service for product announcement documents.

In particular, since 2018, the IMC system has launched a new service: Receiving orders for research and production consulting and nutritional food lines in Korea. Accordingly, the products will be completely researched, manufactured and tested in Korea before being delivered to Vietnamese consumers.

Let’s take a look at the production plants in the IMC System: Baltic – Producing premium beverages; Au Co, Hong Bang.