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IMC is a pioneer enterprise in Vietnam in the field of research and production of functional foods made from herbs, precious natural ingredients combined with modern technology.

Through more than 2 decades of establishment and development, IMC has always been the leading enterprise in creating high-class functional food products of natural origin combined with the quintessence of modern science and technology. IMC’s products always contain high levels of gray matter value, filtered and molded over decades, built by professional leaders, dedicated staff who are deeply attached to the company profession.

Service of research and production of functional foods

Functional food research service

IMC is a service provider of functional food products (research on functional foods). IMC sets itself a mission: To bring to the community products that contribute to health care and treatment of diseases of natural origin combined with the quintessence of modern science and technology.

Chứng nhận GMP sản xuất thực phẩm chức năng IMC

GMP certification for manufacturing functional foods IMC

IMC is definitely a reliable partner and the choice of many businesses when they want to distribute and trade functional food products because: IMC Company is capable of formulating products, operating research, preparation, testing, naming and packaging design activities as well as legal issues related to the industry; Specialize in activities to improve quality by developing with specialized centers and more importantly, IMC has a modern and professional research infrastructure.

In addition, IMC has cooperated to deploy with high-end research resources such as: leading experts in the field of public health care, leading research institutes in the country and in the world…

IMC cooperates closely with authorities to strictly comply with legal regulations related to research, production and trading of functional foods such as: Department of Food Safety and Hygiene (Ministry of Health), Department of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology); Vietnam Association of Functional Foods, Vietnam Institute of Functional Foods, etc. At the same time, actively participate in standard harmonization activities in the ASEAN region.

IMC has a research and preparation area… with modern machinery and equipment and a team of pharmacists and engineers with good expertise.

With about 40 products of high-grade functional foods that contribute to the treatment and prevention of many different diseases, many of IMC’s products are considered the “The best choice” of treatment experts and a large number of patients such as: Hoang Thong Phong, Cot Thoi Vuong, Nga and Khang… along with unique exclusive ingredients such as Delta – Immune or Immune – Gamma.

IMC Company is increasingly affirming its position and reputation: as a leader in consulting, research, production and development of high-class functional food products with Vietnamese brand.

nghien cuu thuc pham chuc nangThực phẩm chức năng cao cấp

Functional food production service

IMC is a functional food manufacturer whose factory strictly adheres to GMP principles in the production of functional foods. As a reputable manufacturing enterprise and the optimal choice of enterprises trading, distributing pharmaceuticals and functional foods in Vietnam and other countries around the world.

IMC’s functional food factory provides:

  • Consulting on formulating functional foods;
  • Processing and manufacturing functional foods as required;
  • High processing of medicinal herbs in large quantities

for businesses operating in the field of research, production, sales and distribution of pharmaceutical products, functional foods nationwide and around the world with products of high quality and satisfying committed on schedule.

With a modern factory, IMC confidently produces dosage forms such as: granule, capsules, tablets, syrup, etc. To meet even large orders that many domestic functional food factories are difficult to produce.

IMC comprehensively controls product quality according to GMP principles and other advanced tools. IMC has a “quality management system” covering all stages: From input materials – High extraction – Production – Distribution – To customers – customer satisfaction assessment.

The quality control system covers the whole area: Testing raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products using modern machinery and processes. Every employee of IMC is a quality inspector and IMC commits: Say no to errors.

Since 2009, IMC Company is determined to make a breakthrough in the field of functional foods by investing in modern equipment lines to serve the research and production of functional food products of natural origin.

IMC’s functional food factory is equipped with modern, closed production lines, following GMP guidelines in production. This helps IMC bring to market many high-quality functional food product lines that combine traditional medicine and current technology in the world, to take care of consumers’ health.

Image of research on the production of functional foods

IMG_0409 (Copy)IMG_0339 (Copy)IMC tien phong trong nghien cuu san xuat thuc pham chuc nangnha may san xuat thuc pham chuc nang13nha may san xuat thuc pham chuc nang7nha may san xuat thuc pham chuc nang6

IMC cosmetic research and production service

From 2020, in addition to functional food research and production services, IMC also expands its factory and invests in production lines to provide research and production services for cosmetics, chemicals. pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and beverages with health benefits.

Licensed by Hanoi Department of Health along with ISO certifications, IMC is increasingly asserting its brand as the leading researcher and manufacturer of health care and beauty products in ASEAN.

IMC sản xuất gia công mỹ phẩm

Certificate of eligibility for cosmetic manufacturing and processing

IMC confidently researches products with high safety, ensuring 100% of standard materials, bringing stability and best use efficiency to customers such as:

– Shampoo and shower gel: male, female, mother and baby

– Hand sanitizer, herbal mouthwash

– The line of cosmetics in the form of sunscreen, massage cream, moisturizer …

– Cosmetics for eyelashes, hair, nails in tubes and tubes.

– Drinks to beautify skin, hair, detox…

IMC sản xuất gia công mỹ phẩm chất lượng

IMC works day and night to invest and develop both breadth and depth to create breakthrough, innovative and valuable quality health care products and functional food products for user. It can be said that with the strength of the brand name and the long history in the market, IMC’s products have become the leading criteria to evaluate the quality and reputation of functional food businesses.


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