Product quality testing – Destination of passion and responsibility

Product quality testing - Destination of passion and responsibility

In all industries, if research is the origin of a product, then testing is the quality of the product. Creating a good product is not easy, but having good quality products is a prerequisite for the success of that product and the business. Therefore, the role of testing is very important

IMC – Product quality testing criteria are the first priorities

IMC Company, with a vision to be the leading ASEAN company in natural health care products, has built a testing system oriented to good laboratory practice (GLP), offering a closed system of quality control and testing. Accordingly, testing to determine the quality of the product is the most important task.

The laboratory always complies with the testing from raw materials through semi-finished products to finished products. The testing of chemical, physical and microbiological parameters helped to ensure that the materials put into production are always of good quality. At the same time, testing results also indicate if the process of manufacturing products is in accordant with the announced technical norms.

Testing is a unique job, requiring high technical and professional knowledge, in addition to being meticulous and highly concentrated because the testers are responsible for giving objective, honest, and accurate analysis results, to ensure the health and safety of the community.

IMC kiểm nghiệm chất lượng sản phẩm

It may sound bleak and rigid, right? However, for those filled with passion and love to the job, there is always invisible music in their work, fueling their enthusiasm and motivation for professional development.


For IMC, each activity in the research and manufacturing process of health care products has to meet quality requirements before being put into production.

With strict GMP standards and commitment to high-quality output products, testing becomes one of many indispensable steps in production. This means, a product on the market needs to comply with basic criteria including testing, and it usually takes 4-6 months to research – produce a quality product.

IMC – Research and manufacture of high-quality products

We provide research and production services for functional foods, supplements, natural cosmetics, beverages with health benefits … from natural ingredients applying advanced technology and machinery.

The products are guaranteed to be researched – produced within 160 days according to the product quality testing process and delivered to consumers.

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