IMC factory willingly implement “3 on-the-spot” model

IMC factory willingly implement “3 on-the-spot” model

To fulfill Hanoi People’s Committee request about production and business must-have solutions & plan to Covid-19 infection at their establishments such as “3 on-the-spot” and “1 route, 2 destinations” models; on July 19th Me Linh district People’s Committee sent its document to Quang Minh Industrial zone to guide businesses to make plans and solution according to the characteristics of their businesses to be prepared for any eventuality.

Determined as top priority and an important task, IMC’s factories in Quang Minh Industrial Park immediately began to develop a detailed and specific Covid-19 disease prevention plan include: prepare facilities and equipment; control employees and visitors ins and outs the Company; organize transportation for workers during the epidemic and control workers to move safely along the registered route and methods for handling if there is any case of Covid-19 found in the factory.

The “3 on-the-spot” measures: workers were to live, eat and work together. It specifically mentions the arrangement of places to eat and rest for employees after working time, and employee management activities during the implementation process, organize training for employees to practice the plans. All content has closely followed the reality of each factory so that workers can best implement it in practice.

On August, 8th the Me Linh District People’s Committee signed an official letter approving plans for epidemic prevention and control of IMC Company and 2 factories just 1 day before Me Linh District requested to implement the models of “3 on-the-spot” for employees with residential addresses in Dong Anh and Soc Son districts.
We believe that with good preparation, more than 40 employees of Quang Minh 1 and Quang Minh 2 factories will carry out the plan, ensuring production as well as the health and safety of all employees.

These are some pictures of “3 on-the-spot” model at IMC factory:

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