IMC factories comply with Covid-19 prevention and control

IMC factories comply with Covid-19 prevention and control

Facing the stressful and complicated Covid -19 pandemic, factories in the IMC System have strictly implemented epidemic prevention measures as recommended by the Ministry of Health and local regulations, to ensure that production activities are still carried out safely and efficiently.

The 5K epidemic prevention measures are still maintained such as checking body temperature before entering the factory with all employees. Also, disinfectant alcohol spray bottles are always available at key locations such as factory entrances, shift dining areas, toilets, post-hand washing areas, etc. Transfer vehicles are disinfected with glutaraldehyde before entering the factory. Factory workers keep a safe distance of 2m and wear masks continuously during working time. In addition, propaganda to raise awareness and medical declaration is always effectively updated through the Systemic Covid Prevention team.

By expanding the group to all individuals, employees self-declare health on the group, and also contribute information about events, announcements, decisions of agencies and departments where they live to keep updated as soon as possible.

Through propaganda and information support from the group, individuals also understand the general epidemic situation in the area and the whole country to have a more serious sense of epidemic prevention.

In addition to performing general tasks, the factory also made improvements to ensure that the epidemic prevention work did not affect the quality, progress, and efficiency of work such as replacing the cardboard shield between the 2 lanes of the department. Parts finished with clear PVC panels to ensure aesthetics, wear drop shields for easier communication of work information.

For cases F3 upward who are allowed to take time off and work from home, the factory also reassigns work and adjusts personnel so as not to affect the production schedule.
Every department is maintaining distance working every other day or every other week to avoid crowding and still ensure the work progress.

The IMC system team always accompanies the whole country to fight against the Covid epidemic, ensuring the maintenance of safe and quality production activities.

Some pictures at IMC factories

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