“Heartfelt empathy” – With the desire to enhance the quality of life for each person, each family, IMC sets up its mission to provide the community with natural healthcare products combined with the quintessence of science and modern technology.

In order to accomplish its mission, IMC has been establishing business alliances to support and share socio-economic values.


Company history

Date of establishment

24th November 2003


Pharmacist Nguyen Xuan Hoang – Chairman
Pharmacist Nguyen Ngoc Thanh – General Director

Phases of company development

Initial operation: Medical and pharmaceutical consulting services for domestic and international cooperation etc.
2005: Focus on manufacturing & trading dietary supplement products.
2011: Becoming the first Vietnamese dietary supplement plant to receive the GMP Certification.


– 2005: Genecel, Lacttocol, Gac-Vina.
– 2006: Antibetes, Bacolis, Nga Phu Khang, Nattospes, Goodnight.
– 2007: Hoang Thong Phong, Kidsmune, Spacaps.
– 2008: 16 products such as Ho Tang Duong, Phu Bi Khang, Hoa Han Linh, etc.
– 2013: Annually IMC has conducted to research and develop 20 new products. Quantity of products being sold on the market: 40.
– At present, IMC has more than 40 high-class functional food products being sold on the market.


– 2006:  less than 20 employees.
– End 2007: more than 100 employees.
– March 2008: a branch and a factory in Phu Tho province were set up.
– 2013: more than 400 employees.
During the last financial crisis and period of inflation, many companies had to cut down on investment, cost, personnel but IMC still continues increasing investment and staff numbers.


Company values model

1. Brand equity

Considering brand as an invaluable asset, IMC always takes the highest responsibility for all activities to keep a good brand image, to build customer trust inproducts andservices which the company has made efforts to research and develop.

 2. Human value

Believing and promoting human potential, IMC  determines to build a fast learning organization. At IMC, each employee is given favorable conditions to develop his maximum capability and potential. IMC considers human resources as a critical element for every success on the way to achieve sustainable development.

 3. Technology value

Thanks to the close cooperation with domestic and international research institutes leading professionals in clinical medicine and pharmacy, biotechnology, pharmaceutical technology, building and developing organizational systems, quality control and GMP, IMC is confident in researching and developing the safest and most effective products with leading technologies.


Our approach

IMC has always been supporting and sharing the socioeconomic  value towards community basing on the fund of ”  Heartfelt Empathy”.

“Noi chao yeu thuong”  is the regular activity funded from “Heartfelt Empathy”  Free  soup is delivered to kids being treated at VietNam National Hospital of Acupuncture  (49 Thai Thinh – Ha Noi) every Tuesday and Saturday morning with the participation of most staff in company.

In addition, IMC has also been  supporting flood victims, children at the orphanage and volunteering in “University Candidates Assistance Program”.
If you are dynamic and wish to take part in social activities for the community, IMC will be the most suitable environment for you.


Growth strategy

Strategic goal

IMC will be a fast growing quality oriented company based on innovation and partnerships.
IMC will be considered an employer of choice in Vietnam.

Five strategies

1. Build business growth through the launch of innovative new products and services combining nature with the quintessence of science and modern technology.
2. Develop world class manufacturing embracing Quality Management.
3. Build a fast learning organization based on the core values of Vietnamese culture.
4. Build strong partnerships to be consumers preferred choice in natural health care products.
5. Develop new business areas for long term profitable growth.